Big changes, sooner than I planned

Well, I told y’all that I’d be swapping over to mid January, but as I’ll be pretty busy then and I’m not so busy now, I’m going to start the process this evening ( or as soon as I can get the GoDaddy guy to call me back. Wish me luck, pray for me-whichever you prefer.

I’m playing caretaker to my buddy’s off grid property right now, which requires driving 15-ish miles out to his place, checking/filling the genset fuel, starting it, and letting it run while I walk around the house for a security check, then shutting it off, closing up the shed, and leaving. It’s pretty simple, but for the auto start function- if it shows a trouble code, I’ve got to reset it. Even that is simple, just lots of steps.

The pasty few days have been very windy, and yesterdays caretaking trip was more exciting than usual. I made the mistake of opening the Nissaan’s driver’s side window and filled the cab with dust. You might be surprised at my aversion to dust in any closed (or open, for that matter) space I’m in, but it’s true, I’m a bit of a sissy when it comes to dust. And I live in Wyoming-what am I thinking?

The last of the parts for the headlight upgrade have arrived, and I bought a fancy set of wire strippers- a review is upcoming for them, I think.


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