Big changes coming

I’ll be moving to soon- the GoDaddy people have helped me get ready to do so, and I hope to finish up by the middle of January.

Naturally, any hints from you folks are very much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Big changes coming

  1. A plan to escape wordpress? I have no advice to give but you soon will.

    Please share the wisdom you gain. Once you’ve navigated the cliffs of geekery and crossed the jungles of hosting protocols tell us how it went so others can follow.

    Like you, I’m on WordPress and wish to (partially) migrate. I want to mirror at a .com site but keep getting bogged down in technical details. Set out a trail of breadcrumbs eh? If you explain it so a guy who talks to trees can do it you’ll be a hero. God speed and show us the way! (If you want to be more low key I’d welcome a private e-mail from my blog. Or ignore me. That’s always a reasonable option.)

    Incidentally I’m building the world’s cheapest and dumbest computer to be my designated blog hardware. The idea is a Raspberry Pi gimmicked up as a improvised laptop. I’m not sure why I’m doing that but I think it’s (more or less) feasible. If it works I’ll post all about it.

    Good luck getting out of wordpress.


    • I’ll be sure to keep you informed. I’ve already begun the process, which was as simple as copying the old blog to my computer and creating a temporary wordpress site that I’ll rename later- I think. I’ve reached out to a couple other guys (Joel’s Gulch and Daddy Bear) and their comments were encouraging. Nevertheless, this is pretty daunting stuff for a backyard mechanic, and I’m not looking forward to it-especially the part where I make the website pretty and user friendly.
      I’m looking forward to learning about the Raspberry Pi as well- I want to tart one up for a high temp sensing /call my cell phone ( or email me) at work.


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