Lots done today…

I didn’t really want to stir this morning, but after laying in until nearly 8 I decided it was time to throw off the slothfulness and get to it. First the coffee, and while I was enjoying the first cup of my morning drug, the landlord called. Seems his buddy’s wife needed help moving a mattress (four, it turns out, but they’re small) and would I please come help?

He was at my door a short while later, and we took off for his house to pick up a bed frame he’d offered her, then to her house to drop it off, followed by the actual mattress pick upping. Delivered to her house, she offered to buy breakfast, and since neither of us are often guilty of refusing free food, we took off for the local diner. Breakfast was over but we had great lunches.

I returned home and decided to remove the remains of a cherry tree in the back yard. It’s been sending up suckers for a couple years, but the main tree (and the treehouse in it) are pretty rickety. A half hour with the chain saw and it was in enough pieces to pile in Fireball, my 1991 Nissan King Cab pickup. About a third of it, anyway.

Naturally, the landfill closed at 1:00 p.m., so I have to save the clean up for tomorrow. I imagine I’ll get over the disappointment.


3 thoughts on “Lots done today…

  1. Hey! Are you actually in WY? No, you wandered away, right? I’m down here in the armpit of WY, like to reload, empty, repeat. Give me a holler(via email), maybe we can turn some powder into noise. My eyes ain’t so good anymore, I no longer guarantee hitting the target…..Joe p.s. a HAM, but mostly a listener, no body around to talk to…


  2. Yup, lifelong resident, by accident of nature. But I choose to stay. Must be the cold weather and wind that damage my brain.
    I like listening to HAM on my Hallicrafters S-38E MkII, but I’m not licensed as yet.
    What part of the armpit are you in? Casper here…


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